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How to Tie Shoelaces The Easy Way (for Kids)

Hey there, folks! Sorry for the long absence. Been busy with lotsa things I couldn’t find some free time to blog here the past few months. Anyway, I hope you do bear with me as I try to get my groove back on!

For this entry, let me take a break from the “geek” part of this blog and dive straight into “daddy” stuff. Yes, as you can tell from the title, this one’s about how to tie shoelaces.

I recently taught my son, who is 5 years old, during one of our Family Home Evenings and it wasn’t easy at first.

I tried teaching him how I normally do it and he really struggled with it, which frustrated us both. It was at that point that I suddenly realized my method might be just a little too complicated and he, young as he was, probably didn’t have enough finger dexterity for it.

So the following day, I did what any parent would do – go to YouTube and look for some much-needed help.

That’s when I found this helpful tutorial video by YouTuber Jenny Hughes.

Her tying technique was much simpler, easier, and faster than my method and my boy got excited when we watched the tutorial. And he quickly got it after a few attempts!

So yeah, thanks to this clip, I don’t have to tie my son’s shoes anymore whenever he prepares for school (or after playing on a trampoline at the mall), I let him do it. It takes him a bit of time to finish for now but that’s okay – he’s still learning and I’m happy about that.

Next time, the boy tells me he wants to learn how to use chopsticks!


‘Everything is Awesome’ in Lego’s Ninjago Movie

Me and my boy recently started watching the Ninjago animated series and managed to finish Season 1 (all the episodes are on YouTube, in case you’re curious). So we basically had an idea about the characters and story before the new movie hit the theaters. Suffice it to say that it made us much more excited to catch the film. My son was really into it!

As for the movie itself, well I’d say it was awesome. We had a good time.

ninjago movie 2

Compared with the series, the movie is definitely more dynamic and fast-paced, story-wise and action-wise. Also, the characters’ looks have been tweaked plus they have better mecha. As a fan of the series, I didn’t mind the changes and I can see why the studio went for it. It still has the same spirit of the show but done closer in the style of the Lego Movie and Lego Batman.

ninjago movie 4

Plus the good news here is that Ninjago movie is also much funnier and has more heart. In fact, my son told me on our way home that he “had tears in his eyes” during one of the sad scenes in the film (it’s pictured above but I won’t expound so as to avoid potential spoilers).

ninjago movie 3

All in all, we loved the Ninjago movie and we hope to see a sequel soon. In the meantime, we’ll have to check out Season 2 and onwards!


McDonald’s Transformers Robots in Disguise Happy Meal Toy Set

We recently got all 4 figures of the McDonalds Transformers Robots in Disguise Happy Meal set. And my kid’s really happy about it. He loves the toys a lot.

A little confession, we rarely complete Happy Meal toy sets. Sure, I’m not a very health-conscious person and I do love fast food as much as the next guy but I simply can’t stand having it several times in a week.  So it does take us a bit of time before we get to collect a set.

The only time I did have fast food everyday  was when my kid went for a 5-day McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop. And man, my body didn’t really enjoy it haha! So when McDonalds drops a huge set such as, say, the Minions., I know we’ll only get a few pieces and won’t be able to collect all the toys.

That’s why I like smaller sets like Transformers since they only have 4 figures.

The set includes Autobots leader Optimus Prime..


Cute yellow robot Bumble Bee…


Strongarm, my son’s favorite…


.. and then Grimlock, my favorite. Because dine-saw!Exif_JPEG_420

And yeah, like I said, my son loves the set. He brings them everywhere in fact – even on the bed!

Here’s the face of the happy, satisfied kid:


A bit of a trivia: the international release has an extra figure (Drift).

Here’s a video by Happy Toy Reviews showing each toy’s gimmick:


5 Things I Love About Spider-Man: Homecoming

If I could travel back in time and meet myself as a kid in the 90’s, I’d probably be blown away if I learned that from 2002 to 2017, Spider-Man has already appeared 7 times on the big screen.

I mean I practically grew up reading Spidey comic books (I had a few issues of the ‘Maximum Clonage’ arc) plus I looked forward to the animated show every Friday night. Back then, I thought Spider-Man would look so good in a live action film. Seeing a Spider-Man would be a dream come true for me.

Fast forward to the future and my fantasies have been fulfilled. Several times. And the most recent one, Spider-Man: Homecoming – I’m happy to say – was a satisfying film to watch! I saw it with my son and we definitely had lots of fun.

So yeah, I thought I’d share 5 things I loved about the movie. Be warned, however, that this post is spoilerish so click away if you still haven’t seen it.

Otherwise, scroll down below!

1. The Suit

spiderman homecoming 4
What I love about this new costume is how it’s a blend of classic and modern sensibilities. I love the old-school small squinting eyes (just like in the comics), the wider web lines, the tiny spider logo on his chest, and, of course, the utility belt where he carries his web cartridges. It’s really got a classic vibe, it even kinda reminds me of Japan’s Supaidaman. “Yeah, yeah, yeah… Wow!”

Plus it makes sense that Tony Stark did the designs for him. There’s no way a high school kid can make something like that, right? I likewise gotta mention how much I dig that “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it” line by Tony Star. It made me remember Iron Man 3!

spiderman homecoming 6

Also, I just have to high five the filmmakers for giving the homemade suit ample screen time. That was cool! The costume looks cheap but it also makes sense since, you know, Peter Parker is a high school kid with limited money. I love the hoodies so much and I’m thinking its probably a reference to the Scarlet Spider of the 90s.

Sure, I still maintain that the closest-to-comic Spidey movie suit was Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume. And I think the worst one was worn by Garfield, too, in the first film (the mask still looks like a basketball to me haha). But all in all, Holland’s suit looks really good, too.

2. The Story

spiderman homecoming 5
Story-wise, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a crowd-pleaser.

As I said on a Facebook post right after seeing the film, it’s hip and fun enough to keep millennials interested plus it’s got lotsa nods to the comics, cartoons, and previous films that older Spidey fans have grown to love (more on those ‘nods’ later).

It’s lighthearted, action-packed and filled with enough drama at the same time. It’s really a well-balanced popcorn flick and I guarantee you, there are no dull moments in the film.

Simply put, it’s unmistakably a Marvel film (thank you, Sony, for letting them take over).

What sets it apart from other MCU releases though is that this one is set in a highschool setting. I found that really refreshing since I very rarely watch films like that haha.

Basically, this is a high school romance story with a superhero flavor.

3. The Character Tweaks

spiderman homecoming 7

Case in point, everyone is younger in this film. Well, younger plus some of them are a bit different from what we’ve seen in previous adaptations.

I don’t need to tell you how Marisa Tomei’s portrayal of Aunt May isn’t the typical Aunt May of the past. She’s more of a cool aunt than a grandmotherly figure. She’s so cute and still very stunning at age 52. It’s perfectly understandable how some netizens have nicknamed her “Aunt Bae” haha!

Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) isn’t the muscular jock but a more realistic, modern bully who just delights at ridiculing Peter in front of everybody. He’s also smart but unilike Peter, he’s filthy rich. (Wow! A high school kid drives a car like THAT?)

Jacob Batalon’s take on Ned Leeds is more of a Ganke and I like it. He’s a very liekable character. I died laughing when he announced in front of the whole class that Peter knows Spider-Man! Plus he’s awesome at his job as the man in the chair.

Liz (Laura Harrier) isn’t Liz Allan but is – gasp – Liz Toomes, daughter of Adrian Toomes himself!

4. The Villain

spiderman homecoming 8

And that, my friends, brings us to Vulture, the movie’s main villain. I don’t even know where to begin with this dude. I mean, wow! Michael Keaton owned the character! And it’s so well-written.

He’s not the super old and grumpy guy but someone you can actually symphatize with. He’s just a guy who looks out for his family really. He’s also very scary even Spidey couldn’t dish out his usual wisecracks when fighting him – except for one “Hey Big Bird” joke. He’s really terrifying!

One of the most intense scenes between him and our hero isn’t even in suits, fighting, but just inside a car with the two of them talking.

spiderman homecoming 10

And boy! Look at that modern suit. Its just so menacing and intimidating compared with the comics version (although when he first saw the trailer, my son asked “Is that K-SO?” hahaha)

5. The Nods

spiderman homecoming 9

When I say this movie is filled with many easter eggs, I do mean many.

“Instant kill mode” looks very Superior Spider-Man (Ned, at one point, even asks Peter “Can you summon an army of spiders?” which is clearly a reference to the character since Spock has an army of spider bots).

Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) only has a few scenes but he’s there to establish the fact that, yes, Miles Morales exists in this universe. I smiled so wide when he mentioned he had a “nephew”.

Also, the ferry scene, I believe, is a homage to this…

spiderman homecoming 1

Then there’s a joke about this…

spiderman homecoming 2

And one scene is similar to this… Made my heart stop for a second, I tell ya!

spiderman homecoming 3

Plus there are dozens of other easter eggs out there.

So yeah, in conclusion, as a fan, I think I enjoyed this movie a lot. Take note I haven’t even mentioned Tom Holland’s brilliant take on both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I also love how they had a racially-diverse cast. Plus the movie isn’t as Iron Man-centric as I initially feared it would be.

As early as now, I’m already excited for the sequel. Bring it on Sony and Marvel. We like you both now.



Starting this new blog…


Hey everyone!

Markus here,  freelance writer, superhero enthusiast, and a proud dad of a 4-year-old boy.

I used to blog over at but that site’s been down for several years now. I feel like I’ve outgrown that already and so I thought I’d start a new one where I can write for fun again.

So yes, I’ll mostly be posting reviews and features about comics, movies, music, cosplay, toys, and everything geeky in between. I’ll also be writing some daddy stuff on the side since being a father really rocks haha! Seriously, it’s the most exciting adventure ever.

Me and Yuri with the 501st Legion Philippine Garrison at Asia Pop Comicon 2016.

I’ll probably create a Facebook page for this blog as well so I can hopefully connect with more readers who share the same interests as mine. And oh… I bet I’ll need a good banner for this, too.

Anyway, I don’t wanna overthink things for now and I just wanna get this off the ground so I can begin blogging soon. Let’s see where this takes me.

Thanks for your time reading this and hope you come back again next time.

See you around!